Neuromuscular Myofascial Release (NMR)

Neuromuscular Myofascial Release

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NMR is a scientific, evidenced-based manual medicine technique that effectively resolves neck, lower back and extremity pain. The foundation upon which NMR is built is the body's response to inflammation, which is the body's first attempt to heal itself. Without movement oriented soft tissue treatment, inflammation resolves into painful fibrous scar tissue in the musculature and around the joint and is highly susceptible to re-injury.

During the healing process, fibrous tissue forms around the injured muscle or joint. This fibrous tissue is thick, inflexible and prevents the muscle from properly lengthening and shortening during movement. Over time, the muscles adapt and become shorter. Unless treated, the muscles remain in a state of protective tightness or guarding, which leads to further and ongoing episodes of pain and re-injury.

NMR is highly effective in the treatment of both acute injuries, chronic pain and chronic postural stress because it breaks loose painful scar tissue as well as prevents its formation immediately after injury. Patients often feel sore after a treatment but notice improved range of motion and reduced pain by the third treatment.

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